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Accommodation in Astypalaia Island

Niriides Luxury Apartments in Astypalaia, is located in Pera Yalos port. Its name, “Niirides” , originates in the Greek mythology and indicates the characteristics and the different states of the sea. Niirides were nymphs, worshiped as “goddesses of calm sea”, which successfully describe the calmness of Pera Yalos waters.


Twin Room with Sea View.

Galene, in the Greek mythology, was the personification of the calmness of the sea. This is why it represents the quiet environment of Astypalaia. Galene’s balcony overlooks the Venetian Castle of Astypalea. It’s view will definitely offer you magical, unique moments during your stay. It is fully renovated with all the contemporary amenities and great quality.


Double Room with Sea View.

She was Poseidon’s, god of the sea’s, wife. That’s why she gave her name to the room with the balcony sea view overlooking Pera Yalos. The room has been recently renovated and fulfills all the contemporary tourism trends of its accommodation category.


Triple Room with Sea View.

In Greek mythology, Erato represented love and happiness. Our room which carries the same name, is recently renovated, elegant, with attention to details and all the amenities of a contemporary touristic apartment. With a view to both the Venetian Castle and Pera Yalos sea, you will definitely miss the romantic moments of your stay.


Twin Room with Sea View.

According to Greek mythology, Themisto, as many support, was one of Poseidon’s partners. She gave her name to one of our most tasteful apartments. Located in Pera Yalos, fully renovated, confortable and well attended room waiting to make your vacation in Astypalea memorable.


Double Room with Sea View.

One of the fifty Niriids who gave her name along with her blue style to our lovely apartment. With a side sea view and a unique interior, Thetis apartment has nothing to envy from the rest of Niriides apartments. Its contemporary decoration and amenities will make your stay in Astypalea an experience to remember.


Twin Room with Sea View.

Like other Niriides, her name is referred to Homer’s Iliad. The mythical lady gives her name along with Aegean’s freshness to one of our apartements. It is recently renovated and follows the contemporary standards of quality and comfort.